reviewed Daggerspell by Katherine Kerr

Daggerspell (2003, Tandem Library) 4 stars

In a world beyond physical reality, Nevyn, the wandering and mysterious sorcerer who relinquished a …

Terrific gritty Celtic fantasy

5 stars

Kerr is among the best at fantasy storytelling and world-building. This book is the first of her Deverry cycle, in which she follows a group of souls through various incarnations in an early Celtic-type world. The story centers around a group of mercenaries called "silver daggers" for a distinctive weapon each fighter carries, obtainable only after being sworn to the band.

Other characters include a wizard, Nevyn; Jill, the young daughter of one of the silver daggers; and elves, dwarves, and wyrmkind. Adventure, magic, politics, good and evil, war, and love...they're all here in abundance and well-told. Highest recommendation!