The School of Life (EBook, The School of Life) 5 stars

Emotional intelligence affects every aspect of the way we live, from romantic to professional relationships, …

With age, we naturally look at the world through the eyes of an adult rather than going to the trouble of recovering the distinctive and peculiar perspective of the child. To any grown-up, it is immediately obvious that a three-year-old having a tantrum in a hotel restaurant is irritating, theatrical, and bad-mannered. But that is chiefly because we lack the encouragement or empathetic energy to try to recreate the strange inner world of a small person in which she might feel monumentally tired and bewildered, fearful that an unfamiliar dish was going to be forced on her, or lonely and humiliated by being the smallest person in a large and lugubrious dining room, far away from Lanky, the stuffed rabbit left by mistake on the floor in the room upstairs!

The School of Life by  (Page 32)

Lovely insight into the challenge of empathizing with really anyone/anything (my dog comes to mind) that can’t possibly fully understand what’s going on to the same degree I can. It seems silly to me when the dog is scared of a garbage bin, but for all he knows, it’s a predator trying to kill him.