Circadian rhythms : a very short introduction (2017, Oxford University Press) 3 stars

Information-Dense, Not as practical as I was expecting

3 stars

I went into this book expecting to: A) Learn more about circadian rhythms B) Learn how to navigate it for optimum health C) Learn how to navigate it for optimum performance (from an athletic point of view)

This book is overwhelmingly A, with very little B & C. This is more of a condensed science book than a practical book - which is totally okay! Just not quite what I was expecting. Definitely a classic example of a mismatch between what a book offers and what the reader expects - and this is predominately a fault of mine as there is no indication there is very much of B or C at all.

Either way, I learned a lot of neat things and definitely have a new perspective on our natural biological clock, so still a good read!