Overall Good On A Broad Scale

4 stars

This book was not quite what I was expecting, and that’s not a terrible thing.

I was expecting a lot of advice and practical tips on minimizing different areas of my life. What I received was a birds-eye perspective on simplifying life as a whole, in addition to helpful mentalities to have on the journey (which is all arguably more important than basic advice)

Another way of putting it: Rather than this book telling you how to decide which clothes to remove from your wardrobe, it will make you consider the friends in your life and which ones deserve your time and energy.

Rather than dealing with the BS of 5 vs 10 pieces of clothing, this approach at simplicity and minimalism focuses on the largest drainers of our time/energy/life:

Poor relationships, poor jobs, poor friends, poor decisions.

So this book served as a healthy reminder to focus on the big things, not the small things.