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I'm an archaeologist, I love to read speculative fiction and feminist works (and why not both?). I mostly read Italian translations but I'm recording English language editions for the sake of getting more chances to share my interests.

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Tehanu (Paperback, 2001, Simon Pulse) 4 stars

In this final episode of "The Earthsea Cycle", the widowed Tenar finds and nurses her …

short review of Tehanu

5 stars

Content warning some spoilers about the end

Handmaid's Tale (2011, McClelland & Stewart) 4 stars

It is the world of the near future, and Offred is a Handmaid in the …

a classic

5 stars

I read this classic just two years ago. It felt more relevant to the present than it may have been when it was written. This book is a revolutionary milestone in speculative fiction and probably feminist literature as well, but I found equally interesting that the text is based on progressive loss of innocence. The final chapter is incredible and left me very satisfied.