Mucho mojo

Paperback, 308 pages

English language

Published Jan. 14, 2003 by Phoenix.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

Intrigue, chilling suspense and hair-raising horror will freeze you to the bones as you read this novel. In the hellish July heat, Hap Collins and Leonard Pine clean out the house of Leonard's just-dead Uncle Chester. However, as they clear away the filth, they uncover a dirty secret. Beneath the rotting floorboards, Hap and Leonard unearth a small skeleton, wrapped in porno magazines. Thinking white, Hap wants to call the cops. Leonard, versed in the unwritten codes of his black neighborhood, persuades Hap otherwise. Together they're about to clear Chester's name sans outside reinforcementĀ­as they dig up the deepest, ugliest truth of all under the blister of an East Texas sun!

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  • Collins, Hap (Fictitious character) -- Fiction
  • Pine, Leonard (Fictitious character) -- Fiction