Elric of Melniboné : Volume 1 (AudiobookFormat, 2022, Recorded Books, Inc.) 3 stars

Elric is a little meh for me.

3 stars

This was a slog to read. Maybe it's the writing, maybe it's the plot. The characters are formed and knowable but each book in the volume read differently - that is due to them being written at different times.

I do know that I read the first two books before as a teenager, and it was then that I put Elric away. I just didn't care for him. Maybe it's the way women are portrayed, maybe it is just the first book was written for a magazine. I don't know. I'll give this volume 3 stars mainly for the appendix items -meaning I found this to be two stars but gave an extra one due to the work put into the volume.

I may not return to see Elric. Who knows?