Hollywood Homicide (A Detective by Day Mystery) (2017, Midnight Ink) 4 stars

Actress Dayna Anderson's Deadly New Role: Private Detective

Dayna Anderson doesn't set out to solve …

Who Dunnit?

5 stars

Remember the name Kellye Garrett. You can thank me later.

In this light-hearted take on the serious business of murder, Dayna Anderson, ex-actress soon to be broke couch-surfer, sees the opportunity to get out of debt and save her parents' home. Just solve the murder, collect the reward.

The catch? Well, she has to solve the murder and phone the LAPD Tip Line to collect her reward.

Oh, and not get killed herself.

Easy peasy.

Garrett's narrative flows like water in a friendly creek, burbling over stones and taking unexpected dips and twists that delight at every turn. Her characters - Dayna, Emme, and Sienna - glimmer on the pages. Dayna's frantic attempts to be the first to phone in the tip, and her relationship with The Voice on the other end, flows through the story, a familiar and appreciated running gag.

You don't need to be S. S. VanDine to appreciate how cleverly this story unfolds, each new clue taking you closer and closer to The Murderer until the last. Garrett demonstrates the art of the 'Who Dunnit' flawlessly.

Highly Recommended.