The Empire of Gold

Daevabad #3

paperback, 1104 pages

Published June 29, 2020 by HarperLuxe.

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4 stars (3 reviews)

2 editions

The Empire of Gold

4 stars

This third book was a great send-off to the Daevabad series. The ending did a good job of coming all the way back around (in several ways) to how the whole book started. It filled in historical details that previous books been teasing. Mostly though, it was an emotionally satisfying ending that neatly wrapped up the stories of the major characters. I think a lot of the politics I enjoyed from the earlier books fell away into more personal dynamics and larger plot happenings, but I think that shift worked here for a final third climactic book.

My single favorite part of this book were some of the new side characters. Fiza!!! Sobek!!! Mishmish!!! Fiza deserves her own book, just sayin'.

Overall, this series is not some Sandersonian book where details about the world and magic are eventually explained to a wikiable degree. At the end, there's still quite a …

I can no longer do this, I quit

2 stars

Content warning pretty much destroying the book, I quit

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5 stars