Silver Nitrate

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Silvia Moreno-Garcia: Silver Nitrate (Paperback, 2023, Random House Large Print)

Paperback, 504 pages

Published July 18, 2023 by Random House Large Print.

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3 stars (3 reviews)

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Daughter of Doctor Moreau and Mexican Gothic comes a fabulous meld of Mexican horror movies and Nazi occultism: a dark thriller about the curse that haunts a legendary lost film--and awakens one woman's hidden powers.

Montserrat has always been overlooked. She’s a talented sound editor, but she’s left out of the boys’ club running the film industry in ’90s Mexico City. And she’s all but invisible to her best friend, Tristán, a charming if faded soap opera star, though she’s been in love with him since childhood.

Then Tristán discovers his new neighbor is the cult horror director Abel Urueta, and the legendary auteur claims he can change their lives—even if his tale of a Nazi occultist imbuing magic into highly volatile silver nitrate stock sounds like sheer fantasy. The magic film was never finished, which is why, Urueta swears, his …

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A fun exploration of mid-'90s Mexico, however the plot was abit predictable. #Bookstodon

2 stars

As always, a fun jaunt to Mexico by Moreno-Garcia, however this foray into "horror" was not my thing. The magical lacked the detailed complexity I would have expected from the author. She did write one of the protagonists, Tristán, masterfully as a total dick.

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2 stars