Published April 22, 1996 by DAW.


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The first book in C.J.Cherryh's eponymous series, Foreigner, begins an epic tale of the survivors of a lost spacecraft who crash-land on a planet inhabited by a hostile, sentient alien race. From its beginnings as a human-alien story of first contact, the Foreigner series has become a true science fiction odyssey, following a civilization from the age of steam through early space flight to confrontations with other alien species in distant sectors of space. It is the masterwork of a truly remarkable author.

Nearly two centuries after the starship Phoenix disappeared, leaving an isolated colony of humans on the world of the atevi, it unexpectedly returns, threatening the stability of both atevi and human governments. With the situation fast becoming critical, Bren Cameron, the brilliant, young paidhi to the court of the atevi is recalled from Mospheira where he has just undergone surgery. Upon his return to the mainland, he …

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Really good, driving

5 stars

I remember liking the first one in the series, but this one really brings it up even more, it's the only sci-fi I've read so far that really tackles languages and living in a very different culture in a really good well. It's very well written, and dripping with atmosphere. There is a while ago that I've had a book that made me feel the setting and feelings of the main character so well. I thoroughly enjoyed it :)