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Published Nov. 10, 1977 by Bantam.

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Menolly, a young fisher's daughter, had dreamed all her life of learning the Harper's craft. Her musical talent is not valued in her fishing hold, especially by her parents the holders, as women in general tend to be less valued and have fewer choices than men in Pernese society. When her father denies her what she regards to be her destiny, she flees Half Circle Hold just as Pern is struck by the deadly danger of Threadfall, a deathly rain that falls from the sky. Menolly takes shelter in a cave by the sea and there, she makes a miraculous discovery that will change her life.

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Dragsonsong by Anne McCaffrey

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Dragonriders of Pern for a young adult audience...

short plot description: Menolly, the young daughter of the Master of Half-Circle Seahold on Pern, is unhappy in her life. She is assisting Petiron, the Harper of the hold educating the children and entertaining and discovers her gift for music. Unfortunately on Pern only men can be Harpers, so after Petiron's death she is forbidden to make music anymore. She decides to leave the hold and her adventures on Pern begin...

my thoughts: I'm reading the "Dragonriders of Pern" series in the published order, this was the third published novel and takes place shortly after the events of the first two novels. Different to the first two novels this was written for a younger audience and proved very successful. That said in my view it's typically for that genre, a young teenager, misunderstood by family and almost everyone has to undergo hardship …

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