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On Trails (Hardcover, 2016, Simon & Schuster) 4 stars

"From a brilliant new literary voice comes a groundbreaking exploration of how trails help us …

Detailed and at times wandering, but not lost

4 stars

The author is clearly a talented writes and dedicated researcher of his material. At the end he begins to tie the themes into each other in a very beautiful, if not wholly fleshed out manner. As said in the introduction, this isn't a framework culminating in a final conclusion. Rather it's more like the trails explored: With a clear delineation of being finishing, but not quite complete, in that there's always more path to walk.

What the hell did I just read (2017) 4 stars

Investigating the activities of a shapeshifting entity that is snatching local kids, the friends from …

They just keep getting better

5 stars

I can't help but read the John Dies at The End series as fast as possible. The pacing is quick and the humor absurd as it is irreverent. The author plays a lot with the concept of a trustworthy narrator, and it just adds to the madness.

The Passage (Hardcover, 2010, Ballantine Books) 4 stars


First, …

Equal parts heart racing and thought provoking

4 stars

The first in the series, The Passage opens up the world to the reader in a way that's both gradual and enthralling. There's significant set-up to the true story being told, but it's exciting in it's own rite and pays off really well as the story progresses. Can't wait to read on.

The Ghost Brigades (2007) 4 stars

The Ghost Brigades is a science fiction novel by American writer John Scalzi, the second …

Much better than the first in the series

4 stars

What the first book lacked in character buildings, the sequel makes up for with room to spare. The world building expanded some, answering questions the first book left me asking. Looking forward to the next in the series.

A Darker Shade of Magic (Hardcover, 2015, Tor) 4 stars


Kell is one …

Incredible potential for the series

4 stars

The first of a series, but not the first publication of the author, I was a little disappointed. The third act wraps up so much in so few pages, it feels like there's something missing. I plan to continue the series, but this one felt rushed and a little haphazard at the end.

reviewed Old Man's War by John Scalzi

Old Man's War (Paperback, 2007, Tor) 4 stars

John Scalzi channels Robert Heinlein (including a wry sense of humor) in a novel about …

A very large world, a very limited protagonist

4 stars

I plan to keep reading the series, as it's very engaging and the pages go by fast. On top of that, the world feels massive with so much left to explore. With that said, the main character falls a bit flat. We don't see much of his life pre-war and as a result the affect it has on him isn't a very strong dichotomy.

An unkindness of ghosts (Paperback, 2017, Akashic Books) 4 stars

Aster has little to offer folks in the way of rebuttal when they call her …

Good but sad to say, not great

4 stars

The characters are brilliant, grabbing and dynamic. But as for the rest of the book... it leaves something to be desired. It can't quite decide if it's a fairytale story set in space, or a SciFi story with fairytale elements. It offers a very interesting perspective on gender constructs, power dynamics, and living with trauma.