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TekLords (1992, Ace Books) 3 stars

A synthetic plague is sweeping the city, and ex-cop Jake Cardigan believes that all roads …

Second book in the "TekWar" series

my thoughts: more crime novel in a futuristic setting than science fiction this was a fun and quuick read. The "jake Cardigan" character is clearly modeled after the hard-boiled private investigators of the 40s and 50s (think "Sam Spade" or "Philip Marlovw") and while William Shatner's writing isn't on the same level as Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler the book was quite enjoyable.

commented on Why Not? by Ray Robertson

Why Not? (2011, Biblioasis) 1 star

(Note: I read this book in a german translation)

You know the saying that you only should speak good of the dead? That's how I try to speak or write about books.

That said there are two things I can comfortably say about this book: - it was short - it didn't cost me any money since I got it from the local library

Please remember that's just my subjective opinion, YMMV