Antonia Fraser: Marie Antoinette (2002, Anchor) 4 stars

Well I certainly learned a lot.

4 stars

I have a hard time with biographies because it always feels like the author is leaning one way or another in regards to the person that they are writing on. This felt a lot like it was leaning towards favoring Marie Antoinette and showcasing how unfairly she was treated in comparison to others during the trial period especially.

I did not know that there was a trial period either. So I learned a lot. I don't know why but whenever the elimination of kings and/or queens were discussed in the past I always assumed it was people showing up and dragging them out to behead them. I never looked into it past high school, so it definitely surprised me to find out exactly how long it took for her life to end. I also never really thought to consider the guillotine to be a "humane" way of executing back then.

I don't know if I feel enough of a need to read more books on Antoinette to get other perspectives, but I think if I ever revisit her life again, I will be trying to find a book that leans more against her so I can see the different sides of it.