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Love a good mix of fiction and non-fiction. I like to keep learning and keep reading different types of stuff!

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Memory Police (2020, Penguin Random House)

Memory Police by ,

"「在妳出生之前,島上曾經有好多好多東西。晶瑩剔透的、芳香宜人的、閃閃發亮的、光豔動人的……總之,有許多妳作夢也想不到的美好事物。」小時候,母親總是對我訴說關於「消滅」的故事。我們居住的小島上,事物陸續消滅。緞帶、鈴鐺、郵票、綠寶石、香水…… 這些東西消滅的時候,大家的記憶便隨之燒毀埋葬,心靈也逐漸乾涸枯竭,徒留記憶的空洞。只有母親把這些遺落的記憶細心收藏在祕密櫃子裡。然而,我卻意外失去了母親、失去了父親、失去了雙親的遺物…… 如今,生命中另一個重要的事物又即將消滅…… 當世上的一切消失殆盡,唯有收藏著祕密結晶的人,才能擁抱未來活下去。"--P. [4] of cover.

Review of 'Challenging Gender Stereotypes in the Early Years' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

A really good primer on taking a Public Health approach to gender equity by starting in the Early Years, helping to take a genuinely preventive approach to things like Gender-Based Violence and gendered mental health issues. It’s aimed principally at Early Years professionals but applicable to anybody working or living with little humans.