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A GenX Englishman who left England for Denmark back in 2012 and now lives on the Danish island of Bornholm. Bookwise I've always been a big fan of Fantasy and Sci-fi growing up on Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett and many a Forgotten Realms saga. Mastodon:

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Rob Wilkins: Terry Pratchett : a Life with Footnotes (2022, Transworld Publishers Limited) 5 stars

Life through the eyes of a fellow fan.

5 stars

I very nearly didn't become a Terry Pratchett fan, or rather as early as I did, no doubt at some stage I would have been tempted. Not that I wasn't a fully signed up member of the nerd brigade playing both D&D and Warhammer 40K having progressed from the wonderful Fighting Fantasy books of Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. And I had certainly become a reader of fantasy fiction thanks to my mother offering me her copies of both The Hobbit and Terry Brook's Sword of Shannara. Actually, I can't be too sure that the fact that Mr (as he was then) Pratchett was also called Terry wasn't a factor in me picking up some of his books from the local bookshop in Formby, a small town just north of Liverpool. Also, one of them, The Colour of Magic, was a signed copy which even back then I thought was …