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Leo Korogodski

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An immigrant from Ukraine, now residing near Philadelphia. Software developer by day, science fiction author whenever time allows. PhD in Math from the MIT. Graduate of the Viable Paradise and Futurescapes writing workshops. Author of Pink Noise: A Posthuman Tale.

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Johnny Talon and the Goddess of Love and War (Paperback, The Wild Rose Press) 5 stars

The spirits, sorcerers, and truly desperate in San Francisco’s seedy neighborhoods know Johnny Talon, a …

A Surreal Detective Tale

5 stars

Johnny Talon is a surreal detective, which means that he employs unusual methods for his investigations: relying more on the subconscious mind than rationality, where the latter only leads to a dead end.

His latest case, however, truly calls for this. Not only does it help to trust one's intuition, but the reality itself reacts to what is happening in the subconscious. Clothes change within a blink, a car transforms, and even some stolen items found in a dream come into his possession in reality, when he wakes up. And yes, as long as we're talking of the subconscious, did I mention sex? ;)

But even more importantly, what happens in the subconscious reflects our deepest urges and desired, traumas and addictions, which can manifest as demons, too. So, the surreal detective and his quite unusual client have to work to change themselves, addressing those traumas and addictions.

This is …