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Bring me all the speculative fiction. Whose stories have I been missing out on?

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System Collapse (Hardcover, 2023, Tordotcom) 4 stars

Am I making it worse? I think I'm making it worse.

Following the events in …

Reaping territory

4 stars

This was a delight, as is usual with Murderbot. I enjoyed the treatment of trauma recovery as a confusion of "why can't I just keep using my old coping mechanisms" "what the actual fuck is my brain doing, this is not helpful" "if you do not schedule time for maintenance, your systems will schedule it for you, and their timing will be antagonistic".

Noticeably less snappy than the earlier books though -- it was easy to lose focus in descriptive stretches, and I wound up reading it twice to see if I could catch the things I missed the first time around.

Tower of Fools (2021, Orion Publishing Group, Limited, HACHETTE) 2 stars


2 stars

Wow, that’s an awful lot of names. An awful lot of dudes. An awful lot of songs. And the protagonist is awfully gullible. Like three women, only one of which has any dimension at all, and even that is limited — even though the voice of the narrator is not linked to any of the characters who might be forgiven a backwards perspective as a character flaw. Upshot: The text is so low-density that you can ADHD Gothic you’re way into a brief fugue and come back to the story having missed nothing of consequence, but somehow the level of detail and text craft is enough to be decent company.

CN for period-appropriate (and forewarned on the cover) antisemitism, islamaphobic remarks, general xenophobia, torture and corrupt behavior by religious authority figures, misogyny, sexual assault.