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Bring me all the speculative fiction. Whose stories have I been missing out on?

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1 star - not worth reading 2 stars - worth reading, but has major problems 3 stars - satisfying read, may have minor problems. Most books live here. 4 stars - inspiring read, overshadows any issues 5 stars - life-changing read

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Sleeping giants (2016) 4 stars

"17 years ago: A girl in South Dakota falls through the earth, then wakes up …

A grimdark AART

4 stars

This was indeed a grimdark version of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. It pairs well with Three Body Problem (either the books or the Netflix series) and rhymes a bit with Foundation and Pacific Rim (the 2013 movie).

Execution is an interesting take on the epistolary; the book is entirely made up of interview notes and other transcripts with no real other narrative text. It works great in a full-cast audio recording but I have no idea if it would be easier or harder in a visual text medium.

Content notes: People die, sometimes violently, and it’s pretty horrible. Some light body horror. Also the main instigator is a manipulative sociopath, and a lot of people have a Bad Time because of it. A nicely crafted Bad Time! but a Bad Time regardless.