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Bring me all the speculative fiction. Whose stories have I been missing out on?

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1 star - not worth reading 2 stars - worth reading, but has major problems 3 stars - satisfying read, may have minor problems. Most books live here. 4 stars - inspiring read, overshadows any issues 5 stars - life-changing read

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Sleeping giants (2016) 4 stars

"17 years ago: A girl in South Dakota falls through the earth, then wakes up …

A grimdark AART

4 stars

This was indeed a grimdark version of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. It pairs well with Three Body Problem (either the books or the Netflix series) and rhymes a bit with Foundation and Pacific Rim (the 2013 movie).

Execution is an interesting take on the epistolary; the book is entirely made up of interview notes and other transcripts with no real other narrative text. It works great in a full-cast audio recording but I have no idea if it would be easier or harder in a visual text medium.

Content notes: People die, sometimes violently, and it’s pretty horrible. Some light body horror. Also the main instigator is a manipulative sociopath, and a lot of people have a Bad Time because of it. A nicely crafted Bad Time! but a Bad Time regardless.

Sanctuary (The Dragon Jousters, Book 3) (Hardcover, 2005, DAW Hardcover) 3 stars

Third in the Swashbuckling Fantasy SeriesThe dragon-boy once known as Vetch has returned to his …

Yikes, if servicable

3 stars

...okay, it's ancient egypt fanfic, the treatment of dragons is patronizing even by the characters who see them as more than livestock, and the main character seems to have mysteriously acquired life experiences that were explicitly excluded from the described history, but it's still pretty fun