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Largely reading from The Beats, Science Fiction, Japanese Literature, Mythology and Folklore, Philosophy (largely Metaphysics these days), Dharma Books, Software Engineering and a variety of books from Anarchist and/or Leftist leaning authors.

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70% complete! LordBowlich has read 17 of 24 books. That is correct, Alpha drives a ICE motored moped. But Kokone, who shows up later in the first volume buys an electric moped. And there is a exchange at one point between Alpha and Uncle about how just selling gasoline is becoming hard because it goes bad before they can even sell it. It definitely feels that while the countryside is continuing to make due with increasingly older gasoline powered vehicles, anything new is being produced as electric (mind you this is from 1994).

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (2022, Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC) 5 stars

Wow. What a beautiful dreamy manga. It's just pure atmosphere. Climate change eating away at the landscape and flooding cities. Populations declining and being replaced by robots. And yet people go on with their lives. Growing watermelons, driving around decaying concrete roads with electric mopeds, sharing their food, and generally being kind of keeping an eye out for one another. It very #solarpunk.

(Mistakenly thought it was 3 volumes, but turns out it's 5! And the last two don't come until next year!)