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Avid reader, mostly sf, but also science, politics, memoir, history, queer studies, cultural studies, literary fiction

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Carsick (2014) 4 stars

John Waters is putting his life on the line. Armed with wit, a pencil-thin mustache, …

The fiction was more interesting than the reality

4 stars

Great book, although what happened in reality was nowhere near as fun as the parts he invented…

Review of 'Three Miles Down' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

I wasn’t that interested in Harry Turtledove’s earlier alternate Civil War and World War II histories. This story was sharp and fun though. Set in the mid 70s, it resurfaces some good memories for me. Nixon is bogged down in the Watergate scandal - will he or Gerald Ford become the first world leader to welcome alien visitors to earth? This story, believe it or not, is based on the true story of the Hughes Glomar Explorer and the secret CIA project Azorian to recover a sunken Soviet nuclear-armed submarine, which unfolded during the Nixon presidency. Except in this telling, the CIA and the Soviets get more that they bargain for when they head to the sea bottom to raise the “object” of interest. It’s a light and humorous story. There’s a couple of good Watergate jokes Iurking within for those in the know, and an interesting cameo appearance from …

Reservoir (2022, Akashic Books) 5 stars

Review of 'Reservoir' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

A pivotal tale of loneliness, illness, memory, madness in Central Park, chronicling the nocturnal collective angst of twenty first century New York. Watch out for the bears. Duchovny has to be one of the really good upcoming novelists.