State tectonics (2018) 4 stars

State Tectonics review

3 stars

This is the final book in the Centenal Cycle trilogy, after Infomocracy and Null States.

Plot-wise, this book is the culmination of both the world's and many pov characters' increasing dissatisfaction with Information as a single structure in the world, and how they all try grapple with that (abolish, revise, reform, etc). I think the strongest part of this book is that it brings back a number of characters as well as a number of plot points from the first two books, and ties them all together.

In the end, all the plot threads come together very neatly to a satisfying conclusion, but far too much of the action feels like it is happening off of the page. Characters are largely reacting to events that have already happened or are out of their control, and it makes their presence feel a little bit less meaningful than they could be.