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Witch of Tin Mountain (2022, Lake Union (Amazon Publishing)) 5 stars

In Depression-era Arkansas, something wicked has come to a haunted mountain town in a novel …

A story of mistakes, greed, vengeance, and family

5 stars

I had the pleasure and honor to beta read this book, and it was already incredible back then. Somehow, the author has made it even more amazing. This is a story of family, of past mistakes, of a quest for vengeance, and of greed. It deals unflinchingly with harsh topics, while maintaining a sort of coziness, like knowing you're not alone in the darkness. Excellent bisexual, lesbian, and gay rep here, too in this story that crosses generations. We have Deirdre's story and Gracie's story intertwined, so we can uncover the greed and vengeance driving their enemy, and we understand what they're facing better and better as the story builds.

Incredible storytelling; this is story craft wielded by a master.