The Lazarus Heist

English language

Published June 8, 2022 by ‎ Penguin Business.

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5 stars (2 reviews)

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Fantastic overview of Lazarus Group (APT38)

5 stars

The book gives a nice overview of the more famous hacks from North Korea's very own Lazarus Group (APT38) -- from attacks on Sony; the audacious attempt to steal $1 billion from Bangladesh Bank (they managed to get away with $81 million); the WannaCry ransomware; and the sprawling multitude of hacks targeting crypto-exchanges and users.

It also paints a picture of how deeply connected and complex North Korea's connections to the criminal underworld run -- even the idea that the majority of the Japanese Yakuza being originally ethnic Koreans.

Cyber Espionage

5 stars

This book written by Geoff White follows the hacking from within North Korea. Geoff's book follows the episodes of the BBC World Service podcast which he hosts. Personally I listened to the podcast before the book was released so I knew many of the events before reading this book. Despite that I enjoyed looking at the events that have unfolded at my own pace with this book. Each of the fifteen chapters describes the events that have taken place and how they executed their attacks.

If you like technology, hacking and cyber crime this story is for you.