Sustainable Web Design

Paperback, 125 pages

Published by A Book Apart.

4 stars (1 review)

The internet may be digital, but it carries a very physical cost. From image files to colors to coding languages to servers, the choices we make in our web work can eat up electricity and spit out carbon—and as the internet grows, so does the cost to the environment.

But there’s hope: small, thoughtful changes in design and development can reduce the damage, while also making the web more resilient in the face of a changing climate. In Sustainable Web Design, Tom Greenwood offers a practical path to faster, more carbon-efficient websites that are not only better for the planet, but better for our users.

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Good Green Read

4 stars

In the goal of creating a green future, we're going to have to figure out how to tackle the emissions of our digital infrastructure. Websites are highly energy consumptive, and this book is about how we might reduce the carbon emissions. Greenwood covers a lot of ground, but the areas of action I see are these: we need to reduce the amount of energy our websites consume, and what energy the websites do consume should come from green sources. As climate scientist Leah Stokes points out, if we greenify our energy consumption oh, we've got a long way towards accomplishing our goal!