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My BookWyrm Account. Runner, artist, musician, book nerd and privacy advocate. I'm the owner of Techlore & co-host of Surveillance Report.

I've developed resources for nearly a decade, using my voice and expertise to improve people's relationship with technology. I play the role of CEO, content creator, consultant, video producer, and more.


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The Great Gatsby (Paperback, 1995, Scribner Paperback Fiction) 4 stars

This is the definitive, textually accurate edition of a classic of twentieth-century literature, The Great …

So Happy To Experience It Again!

5 stars

I was (like many) forced to read The Great Gatsby in high school, though I wish I hadn't as I was incapable of truly appreciating it at the time.

As others have mentioned, Fitzgerald's prose is unbelievable. In just a few words he can paint vivid imagery in your mind with layers of depth and analysis to accompany the emotions. The story and characters are beautifully written with a natural complexity that avoids the cliche 'good guys' & 'bad guys' we typically experience.

Just from my perspective alone, I found many themes and interpretations to the story which resonated with me, just to name a few:

  • Clinging to the past and trying to repeat history expecting a different outcome. Recently this has tied nicely into my romantic life, where I've been noticing some repetition compulsion.
  • Nick's character in general was someone I found myself heavily relating to, as I feel …
How to Make a Home (Paperback, 2017, Pan Macmillan, imusti) 4 stars

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful"

4 stars

I had no clue what to expect going in to this book, but I was thoroughly surprised! It opened me up to a whole new world I had never considered—my home. While I spend nearly every day in my home, I don't think too much about the countless decisions I make and how they impact the aura, efficiency, story, and experience when I'm within the home.

But also, what constitutes a 'home'? How should we treat furniture? What's the point of furniture? How do our homes reflect our lives? How to Make a Home takes a critical look at something I once thought was simple, and has given me a lot to think about.

Coraline (Paperback, 2003, Scholastic Inc.) 4 stars

Looking for excitement, Coraline ventures through a mysterious door into a world that is similar, …

Quick, Fun Read

4 stars

Coraline is a children's book good enough to be organically read by adults. As it's fairly similar to the movie, I'll cover some not-so-obvious interpretations I had:

Throughout the read I couldn't help but feel like Coraline's other mother was a perfect embodiment of a BPD parent. Aside from the obvious BPD characteristics exhibited by the other mother, I felt the following quote summed everything up beautifully: "It was true: the other mother loved her. But she loved Coraline as a miser loves money, or a dragon love its gold. Int the other mother's button eyes, Coraline knew that she was a possession, nothing more. A tolerated pet, whose behavior was no longer amusing."

After reading the book, I found a great blog analysis that touched on the many thoughts I had throughout the read:

BPD-aside, very fun book. Made me laugh a few times, a bit creepy, and …

How To Thrive In The Digital Age (2012, MacMillan) 2 stars

How to complain about the digital age

2 stars

This was a useless book to read in 2023.

Perhaps when it was written the ideas and concepts were novel, but there was not a new perspective I received reading this book.

Additionally, the title is misleading. There is no addressing the “how” aspect of thriving in the digital age. Rather, the author explores difficult ethical questions an increasingly digital age introduces into society. No personal insight, no advice, no analysis, just asking tough questions.

Not at all what I was expecting, and frankly I’m not sure what value it brings in 2023.