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The Demon-Haunted World (Paperback, 1997, Ballantine) 5 stars

A prescient warning of a future we now inhabit, where fake news stories and Internet …

Eye opening? Grim? Depressing? Optimistic? Let’s just call it a roller coaster.

5 stars

Context on why I was sent this epub from my friend in the first place:

I was perplexed over people’s obsession with the most bizarre nonsense. Astrology, crystal healing, modern witchcraft, and many more things I see all too often. My friend suggested this book and sent me over an epub as they felt it’d give nice context around the phenomenon.

Well, I have a much deeper understanding of the issue after reading this book. Sagan deeply loves science and has made me view science in a completely new light, it’s truly inspirational. I’m doing so, he covers pseudoscience and the many wonders of why we believe in things we believe in. Little did I know my questions of why people believe crystals cure cancer has a lot to do with our belief in witches (leading to thousands of burned women at the stake just a few centuries ago) and …

How to Live: 27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion (2021, Sivers Inc) 4 stars

Perplexed, in a good way?

4 stars

Content warning Definitely spoilers

reviewed Running Within by Jerry Lynch

Running Within (Paperback, 1999, Human Kinetics Publishers) 4 stars

Overall a great book

4 stars

Let me start with the good.

I found this book to offer fresh insight on what it means to run, as well as actionable tips to shift the mental and spiritual state of most people’s running to a more favorable one. Especially in westernized running, people run for results and outcomes - but that’s not really what running is about. You can chase results and outcomes from any activity or sport; what separates running is the act itself, the magical feeling of gliding through the air and immersing yourself into a mystical world untraveled by most.

I actually read this book in high school, and while it did help me understand the importance of visualization, I feel the core message of this book was lost on me - being a less experienced runner. Reading this years later, I now understand what this book is trying to convey and teach.

So …

Daniels' running formula (2013, Human Kinetics) 4 stars

Alright, but not much new info for advanced runners

4 stars

It was a nice refresher read, with occasional bits of wisdom that were useful. With that said, not much in this book was very new information to me, as my own training seems to closely align with much of the book already.

Additionally, some recommendations aren’t really grounded in real science - like him recommending to land on your heels, especially on downhills? (What?!) And most importantly the 180spm figure which is a bizarre recommendation, given it’s based on the step count of elites mid-race. Why does the step count of elites mid-race being an average of 180spm mean anything to a novice runner on an easy day?

First, it’s an average. So there is natural variance amongst athletes. Second, we know SPM increases as pace increases - so a race environment isn’t representative of any running pace aside from the pace of the athletes running in that specific race. …

commented on Daniels' running formula by Jack Daniels

Daniels' running formula (2013, Human Kinetics) 4 stars

Somewhat misleading and incorrect assumptions being made on the whole 180spm figure Daniel’s uses.

Elites with a stride rate of 180spm mid-competition doesn’t really speak to anything about what a lower level athlete should be doing in their training. He also suggests a mid to rear-foot land which goes against a lot of other modern science.

commented on Daniels' running formula by Jack Daniels

Daniels' running formula (2013, Human Kinetics) 4 stars

His rules of running:

1) every runner has specific individual abilities

2) a runners focus must stay positive

3) expect ups and downs

4) be flexible in training

5) set intermediate goals

6) training should be rewarding

7) eat and sleep well

8) don’t train when sick or injured

9) chronic health issues should be checked by a professional

10) a good run or race is never a fluke

Walden (Paperback, 2018, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) 4 stars

Henry Thoreau's "Walden" is a book about escaping from civilization in order to embrace your …

Ahead of its time & beyond thought-provoking!

5 stars

The emotions while I read this book were bouncing around the room.

One chapter has me yelling in agreement with Thoreau on his pro-animal stances toward hunting and dieting. The next on minimalism - inspiring me to gather more things I no longer need to donate. The next makes me put the book down to be high on nature. The next makes me rethink civil obedience and give up all I’m doing to commit to being my truest self with no external influences.

No review I am able to give can properly outline how impactful this book has been on the way I see the world. The philosophies are still ever true today, and Thoreau’s definition of “dull man” still appears to be the overwhelming majority of society today - all busy slaving away for the objects and powers that only serve to trap and control them.

Excellent read, all …