Subtle Blood

Paperback, 288 pages

Published June 19, 2021 by KJC Books.

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3 stars (2 reviews)

Will Darling is all right. His business is doing well, and so is his illicit relationship with Kim Secretan–disgraced aristocrat, ex-spy, amateur book-dealer. It’s starting to feel like he’s got his life under control.

And then a brutal murder in a gentleman’s club plunges them back into the shadow world of crime, deception, and the power of privilege. Worse, it brings them up against Kim’s noble, hostile family, and his upper-class life where Will can never belong.

With old and new enemies against them, and secrets on every side, Will and Kim have to fight for each other harder than ever—or be torn apart for good.

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Subtle Blood

4 stars

Subtle Blood is the final book in this KJ Charles romance trilogy, and this one is my favorite of all three.

I appreciate that this book deals more with Will's emotional issues, and how easily understood his inability to do anything but take one day at a time is a wartime coping mechanism. In the previous books, Kim took up a lot of space with his own emotional friction within their relationship, and it's nice to see that once Kim is in a place where he can trust more, that it creates space for Will to grow as well. There's just some excellent conversations in this book.

I said after I finished the first book that I really hoped to get more into the mysteries of Kim's professional and personal life; satisfyingly, I feel like book two got into the details of the former and book three is very involved …

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3 stars