Rhett Butler's People

Gone with the Wind #3

English language

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Rhett Butler's People by Donald McCaig is an authorized sequel to the 1936 novel Gone with the Wind. It was published in November 2007. Fully authorized by the Margaret Mitchell estate, Rhett Butler’s People is a novel that parallels Gone with the Wind from Rhett Butler's perspective. The book was unveiled on November 3, 2007, after several years of setbacks and two previous authors. Both Emma Tennant and Pat Conroy had previously been commissioned by the estate to produce the book.McCaig chose to disregard the 1991 novel Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley. He does not acknowledge its existence in the canon of Gone with the Wind, nor does his novel incorporate any of its characters. McCaig's impression was that the Margaret Mitchell estate was "thoroughly embarrassed" by Ripley's novel.

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The biggest love story written by a man

4 stars

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