Published Nov. 6, 2014 by Macmillan.

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4 stars (15 reviews)

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It is winter in Area X, the mysterious wilderness that has defied explanation for thirty years, rebuffing expedition after expedition, refusing to reveal its secrets. As Area X expands, the agency tasked with investigating and overseeing it--the Southern Reach--has collapsed on itself in confusion. Now one last, desperate team crosses the border, determined to reach a remote island that may hold the answers they've been seeking. If they fail, the outer world is in peril.

Meanwhile, Acceptance tunnels ever deeper into the circumstances surrounding the creation of Area X--what initiated this unnatural upheaval? Among the many who have tried, who has gotten close to understanding Area X--and who may have been corrupted by it?

In this New York Times bestselling final installment of Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy, the mysteries of Area X may be solved, but their consequences and implications are no less profound--or terrifying.

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4 stars

This is a Weird, wonderful trilogy. It's disorienting, varied in style, confusing, unsettling, somewhat infuriating... and yet...

This is the last book in the Southern Reach Trilogy, the last chance Mr. Vandermeer has to expound the mysteries of Area X, its origins, its mysteries. So how does he fare? Do we, the readers, get the answers we crave? Or is it a disappointing trip to Purgatory?

Well, Area X is not Purgatory anyway. But neither are the answers easy. Or, rather, accessible. Or meaningful.

Sounds like a harsh criticism, right? What am I trying to pull, giving a book four stars that does not clarify the mysteries? It's some ol' bait and switch!

As I have explained in my "review" of Annihilation (the first book, now at a bookstore near you!) this trilogy is of the Weird genre, specifically partaking of the "cosmic horror", the idea that there are forces …