The White Rose

A Novel of the Black Company (Chronicles of The Black Company)

mass market paperback, 320 pages

English language

Published April 15, 1990 by Tor Fantasy.

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4 stars (3 reviews)

3 editions

reviewed The White Rose by Glen Cook (Black Company (3))

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4 stars

This was a very nice conclusion to the trilogy that make up what has been known as The Chronicles of the Black Company: The Books of the North. All is wrapped up nicely, logically, and with satisfaction.

So, at the end of the last book, what remains of the Black Company has just placed itself voluntarily under the command of the White Rose, a deaf, mute girl who happens to be a great military strategist and the source of a magic nullifying field. They fight against the Lady and her evil empire in an attempt to rid the North of this blight and restore liberty.

Meanwhile, the Dominator stirs in his prison in the Barrowlands.

What makes this volume a great addition is the amount of history and background given in this novel. Now, we have a backstory for Bomanz, the wizard who infamously freed the Lady and the Taken …

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5 stars


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