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Lifelong faves: mysteries, camp, cookbooks, young adult literature, satire. Niches: early film history, lifehacks, The Shadow, codes and ciphers, 20th-c. comic strip compilations, programming/data manuals for nonprogrammers, neurodivergent bright female characters, help for ADHD undiagnosed people. Growing interest in French literature, early 20th century psychological fiction. Top five at present: E. Waugh, R. Chandler, Alan Bradley, Agatha Christie, Gyles Brandreth, T. Sharpe Finished From the Abyss by D K Broster but unable to import it.

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Anthony Horowitz: The Twist of the Knife (Hardcover, 2022, Harper) 4 stars

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4 stars

This was, as usual, a riveting read, equivalent to a typical Agatha Christie for surprises at the big reveal. Interesting that the first person thanked in the Acknowledgements is the author's therapist. Author says it was an uncomfortable book to write and this reader guesses that the plural adopted sons in the story might be related to one of the issues worked through.