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Currently an International Studies/Software Development student with a love of speculative fiction. I also read a decent amount of nonfiction focusing on politics and philosophy. I read in French, Spanish, and (mostly) English with the potential for a foray into Esperanto.

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The Invention of the Jewish People 4 stars

The Invention of the Jewish People (Hebrew: מתי ואיך הומצא העם היהודי?, romanized: Matai ve’ech …

Extremely thorough analysis of Jewish history

4 stars

I read this book because given the current conflicts in Israel-Palestine I thought I should learn more about how it got that way. This book is a comprehensive analysis of Jewish history and systematically pulls apart the Zionist mythistory of an ethnically cohesive, nomadic Jewish people returning to a long-lost homeland. It does so not by spending the whole book pulling apart Zionism (though that is peppered throughout), but by looking at the evidence available as to the origin of Jewish peoples, their migratory patterns and where a strong likelihood of mass proselytising occurred. Certainly, this was a bit of a dry read. It is every sense an academic text but if you've managed to make it through even part of a humanities degree you'll probably be able to smash this. For me personally, it further cemented my unfavorable opinion of Israeli statehood as it addressed the 'justification' for the …