Move Your DNA (Paperback, 2017, Propriometrics Press) 4 stars

"In Move Your DNA, biomechanist Katy Bowman explains our deep need for movement - right …

And in fact, recently, researchers have discovered that sitting time itself is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, even in those who exercise regularly. Regular bouts of exercise do not undo the effect that sitting has on the body. As you can imagine, this was reported widely under headlines like "Sitting Is the New Smoking." Iknow, it seems like "sitting" is referring to that position you adopt in a chair or a couch, but consider this: If I told you that sitting kills, then you'd swap standing for sitting, naturally thinking you'd avoided the problem. But if you just stand there in your office for fifteen years, then you'll likely end up with issues equal in quantity to those of the guy who sat all day. Let us not forget that the collective move of workers to chairs stemmed from the standing injuries created by post-industrial standing-all-day factory work. "Standing" already has its risk of injury on file. The move from your work chair to a standing workstation is like that joke,' "I read that all accidents happened within fifteen miles of one's house, so I moved." "I read that sitting kills, so now I'm afraid to stop standing." For load reasons, the transition from a chair to a standing workstation is a step in the right direction, but standing the bulk of the day is a different version of the same problem. The position of sitting isn't problematic, it's the repetitive use of a single position that makes us ill.

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