The School of Life (EBook, The School of Life) 5 stars

Emotional intelligence affects every aspect of the way we live, from romantic to professional relationships, …

Must-Read. Should be mandatory reading.

5 stars

I can’t begin to express how much better the world would be if everyone read this book. This book covers:

  • trauma
  • emotional intelligence
  • art
  • childhoods
  • therapy
  • relationships
  • communication
  • self knowledge
  • self growth
  • psychology
  • economy
  • so much more

This quite literally is “The School of Life” and it’s a book that will continue to feed valuable information as we grow and develop. Once we hit a new phase in our life, a new portion of this book is likely to influence us in new ways and add important insight into why we feel the way we do.

We are all broken, and we will always be broken. That’s humanity. But learning why and how we are broken and learning to navigate it is the best we can do.

If you haven’t read this, you’re seriously missing out.