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The Halcyon Fairy Book (Hardcover, 2017, NESFA Press) 4 stars

A collection of fairy tales annotated by T. Kingfisher (originally posted on her blog and …

A fun read with a few real bright spots.

4 stars

This is a fun read. Ursula Vernon / T. Kingfisher has a most enjoyable sardonic sense of humor, which I recommend! I think this is a great read for fans of fairy-tales, and it is worth reading for the two alt fairy-tale short stories "Toad Words" and "Boar & Apples".

Babel (2022, Harper Voyager) 4 stars

Traduttore, traditore: An act of translation is always an act of betrayal. 1828. Robin Swift, …

It was OK. No surprises. Poor Character Development.

2 stars

2 stars means "It was OK".

If you already know a fair bit about Colonial British History, The Abolitionist Movement, The Opium Wars, Etymology, and Linguistics, then move along. You won't learn anything new. This book isn't written for you. I think it would be far more enjoyable if you know nothing of these subjects.

The magic system is interesting. Definitely some dark spots. The character development is not great. It would have been nice, for example, to have more character development of Victoire. We really only get a hint of it as what feels like an afterthought at the end. Ramy almost as bad. The main characters are all walking stereotypes, and each is simply an incarnation of their culture of origin. Even that exists not in a deep way, but mostly just as a function of their difference.

It was very transparent what the author was doing, all …