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I used to be a librarian, now I'm a software developer. My reading interests tend to be in nonfiction. I'm really interested in anthropology, indigenous studies (particularly American), anarchism, and social justice. Some of my favorites are James Baldwin, David Graeber, and Cometbus.

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The Dog of the South (Paperback, 2007, Overlook TP) 3 stars

Ray Midge is befuddled when his wife takes off with his car, his money, and …

The funniest book I have ever read, indubitably. I laughed out loud while reading CONTINUOUSLY. Absolutely genius and Bob Odenkirk is the ideal person for a blurb on the cover. I could see Bob and David doing a movie adaptation. Can't recommend highly enough. I'm going to gift this often.

Liberation Day (2022, Random House Publishing Group) 5 stars

This is as good as anything Saunders has ever written. The titular story is absolutely amazing and has shades of Severance the TV show. Love letter, a story from my grandfather to his grandson in an eerily similar world to our own, is better and more powerful on a second read. I loved every minute of this book and can't recommend it enough. Saunders truly is a voice for our times.

Liberation Day (2022, Random House Publishing Group) 5 stars

The opening titular story is absolutely mind blowing. Reminds me a lot of the great TV show Severance in that there is an aspect of memory severance. I’m going to write a more full examination of it but I’m already thrilled that Saunders has returned to his more speculative fiction like short story writing. Lincoln on the Bardo just didn’t work for me, but this work is more in the vein 10th of December.