So Good They Can't Ignore You

Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love

Hardcover, 304 pages

English language

Published Nov. 14, 2012 by Business Plus.

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4 stars (5 reviews)

In this eye-opening account, Cal Newport debunks the long-held belief that "follow your passion" is good advice. Not only is the cliché flawed-preexisting passions are rare and have little to do with how most people end up loving their work-but it can also be dangerous, leading to anxiety and chronic job hopping.

After making his case against passion, Newport sets out on a quest to discover the reality of how people end up loving what they do. Spending time with organic farmers, venture capitalists, screenwriters, freelance computer programmers, and others who admitted to deriving great satisfaction from their work, Newport uncovers the strategies they used and the pitfalls they avoided in developing their compelling careers.

Matching your job to a preexisting passion does not matter, he reveals. Passion comes after you put in the hard work to become excellent at something valuable, not before. In other words, what you do …

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Review of "So Good They Can't Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love" on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

So Good They Can't Ignore You s'attaque à démonter la théorie en vogue de "suivre sa passion" pour "trouver le boulot de ses rêves" et le fait avec brillo, démontrant à quel point cette théorie n'engendre au final qu'une frustration énorme et repousse un réel questionnement en profondeur sur ce que nous pensons vouloir vraiment. L'auteur s'attache à développer un vrai framework de réflexion autour de notre travail et montre la voie sur une carrière dans laquelle chacun pourra vraiment s'épanouir sans illusions.

"If a young Steve Jobs had taken his own advice and decided to only pursue work he loved, we would probably find him today as one of the Los Altos Zen Center’s most popular teachers. But he didn’t follow this simple advice. Apple Computer was decidedly not born out of passion, but instead was the result of a lucky break—a “small-time” scheme that unexpectedly took off."

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