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Hi there! I'm Matt. I'm a Site Reliability Engineer in San Francisco. I like *punk: #cyberpunk, #steampunk, #solarpunk...

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I like how Gussie's obsession with newts is supposed to be The Most Boring Thing Ever, but every time he goes off on a tangent about them my reaction is "please tell me more, this is much more interesting than your upper class twit friends are".

The Last Graduate (Hardcover, 2021, Del Ray) 5 stars

Return to the Scholomance - and face an even deadlier graduation - in the stunning …

I did try saying things like, “I won’t bite,” only I said it while seething, so the message that actually got conveyed was that biting would be mild by comparison with whatever I would do instead.

The Last Graduate by  (Page 150)

This line of dialog, with the pronouns slightly shifted to get the POV characters right, would work in a Wodehouse novel describing an interaction between Bertie Wooster and Rodrick Spode.