The Hidden Life of Trees

What They Feel, How They Communicate - Discoveries from a Secret World

288 pages

English language

Published Nov. 20, 2020 by Greystone Books Ltd..

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4 stars (6 reviews)

A visually stunning journey into the diversity and wonders of forests. In his international bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben opened readers' eyes to the amazing processes at work in forests every day. Now this new, breathtakingly illustrated edition brings those wonders to life like never before. With compelling selections from the original book and stunning, large-format photographs of trees from around the world, this gorgeous volume distills the essence of Wohlleben's message to show trees in all their glory and diversity. Through rich language highlighting the interconnectedness of forest ecosystems, the book offers fascinating insights about the fungal communication highway known as the "wood wide web," the difficult life lessons learned in tree school, the hard-working natural cleanup crews that recycle dying trees, and much more. Beautiful images provide the perfect complement to Wohlleben's words, with striking close-ups of bark and seeds, panoramas of vast expanses of …

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The Life of Trees Uprooted

5 stars

Peter Wohlleben explores why forests are important and how trees communicate through the wood wide web, as opposed to our world wide web. Peter also explores the concept of symbiotic relationships between trees, explaining the reasons why they do it, even if the trees are of different species. Finally the author explains why tree leaves are green, silver birches bark is light coloured and the speed water and nutrients move in tree trunks.

Review of 'The Hidden Life of Trees' on 'Storygraph'

No rating

Borrowed this from Libby on a whim.

A tad too much wishful thinking and anthropomorphism for my liking. You can tell the author sees his forest's beeches like his own darling children. I admire his passion, but to me, claiming that plants have feelings and such very much diminishes how informative this book would be otherwise.

Still, I appreciated the information on the Wood Wide Web, which I intend to do more reading on.


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